In Flip Heroes game we provide special features to make your flipping more fun and entertaining.

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About us

Having a hard time deciding who's gonna go first? Come check this out. Heads or Tails history believe to begin in Ancient Greece and adopted in a deferent era. In 7th Century BC in the metal coinage, the Roman started to use coin flip and it was called "NAVIA AUT CAPUT ("ship or head")". In the present generation, the generation of technology we want to adapt heads or tails and applies to the present era where we can play it virtually using our device like laptops, computers, cellphones.

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Our Mission

Flip Heroes mission is to give you new and exciting ways to enjoy your day. We created Flip Heroes to add another way to help and gives you an exciting way to lessen your burden during this pandemic. Stay at home save lives try Flip Heroes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Flip Heroes is not just a typical coin toss game. This game has extra features that entertain you and let you play indoors try Flip Heroes a virtual heads or tail game.

Creating an account in Flip Heroes is simple just click the play button on the navigation panel or click here.

Flip Heroes is a heads or tails game or in a common name toss coin game. To play this game you just need to pick between a Head or a Tail and after that, a coin will be flip and the winner will be decided on what will be the display on the screen is it a head or a tail.

Yes, Flip Heroes is a 100% Free game. We are not accepting any monetary payment from anybody.

Referral link is located on your dashboard, just look for the referral page and copy your referral link, and share it with your friends, families, and loved ones.

We provide a flip token every 3 hours if you want to make more flip but don't have enough flip token you can try our token farming to gain more flip tokens.



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Stay Safe; Stay well.

COVID-19 has rapidly affected our day to day life (health, social, and economy), big business has been affected, disrupted the world trade and movements of business.

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Heads or tails are sometimes used in politics for example in December 2006 a fight between two Australian television networks on who will broadcast the Grand final of 2007 AFL season. This has been determined by heads or tails.

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