Flip this thing

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Do you want to have fun by flipping a token ?

Try this one out ! Choose between heads or tails and start flipping a token.
Every 2 Hours we will provide a token that you can use to make a flip, If you win on every flip you will get "FLIP TOKEN". "FLIP TOKEN" can also be used in multiplayers flip matches.

Don't have enough token ? and tired of waiting to claim another token. Come and try our Farm Token system in which you are going to answer surveys to get more tokens. ALways remember FLIP HEROES is created to lessen your burden and provide you another way to make your


W.H.O is Promoting games to keep you stay at home

While the whole world is still fighting to end this pandemic. We have different ideas on how to keep ourselves busy just to stay indoors.

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Stay Safe; Stay well.

COVID-19 has rapidly affected our day to day life (health, social, and economy), big business has been affected, disrupted the world trade and movements of business.

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Heads or tails are sometimes used in politics for example in December 2006 a fight between two Australian television networks on who will broadcast the Grand final of 2007 AFL season. This has been determined by heads or tails.

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